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Part Number: Nanospec AFT/2100
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Manufacturer Nanometrics
Product: UV Film Thickness Measurement System.
Wafer Size Range
  Minimum 75 mm
  Maximum 200 mm
  Set Size 150 mm
Illumination Source Type Multi-wavelength Source
Multi-Layer Film Capacity YES
Micro Spot Optics YES
Scanning Stage YES
Controller Type PC Controller Type
External Cooling Air Cooled
Other Information Nanometrics NanoSpec AFT 2100 Head: Model No. 7004-0092 Rev.4 Serial No. 0589-H5446 Manufacture Date: May 22, 1989 Power: 115VAC / 5Amp / 50-60Hz Nanometrics Controller: Model No. 7200-2236 Rev. P1 Serial No. 0796-18365 Manufacture Date: July 1, 1996 Power: 115VAC / 5Amp / 50-60Hz Microscope (Olympus (Japan)) Serial No. 7474 Eyepiece: 10x W.F. 128A Objectives: Olympus MSPlan 5x / MSPlan 10x / ULWDMSPlan 50x Nanometrics: Model No. 7000-0257 Rev. P1 Serial No. 1193-H10337-0101 Manufacture Date: November 29, 1993 Power: 115VAC / 5Amp / 50-60Hz Irvine Optical Corp. Microscope Base Wafer Size: 150mm Range of Thickness: 100 to 500,000 angstroms Typical Measurement Time: 2.5 seconds Spot Size: 50 um with 5x objective 25 um with 10x objective 5 um with 50x objective Film Types Measured: Oxide on Silicon Nitride on Silicon Negative Resist on Silicon Polysilicon on Oxide Negative Resist on Oxide Nitride on Oxide Polymide on Silicon Positive Resist on Silicon Positive Resist on Oxide Reflectance Mode: Thick Films Reproducibility: 5A ± 5% depending upon the film type
Condition Excellent
Year of Manufacture 1993
Power Requirements 115 V     5.0 A     50/60 Hz
Asset Number: A24634-1
Quantity 1