Whether you're looking to buy, sell or refurbish semiconductor equipment or spare parts, GES Associates and our experienced team of professionals has the integrity and global outlook to perform effectively in today's marketplace. In addition to developing and maintaining superior relationships, our formula for success includes the following:


  • We offer an extensive inventory of semiconductor equipment maintained in a climate-controlled display room.
  • Thousands of spare parts to choose from stored in our 40,000 square foot onsite warehouse.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, for equipment source inspections.
  • Equipment video demo for convenient stay-at -home source inspection, eliminating travel expenses.


  • Refurbishment
  • Installation
  • Start up & integration
  • On-Site training
  • On-Site support typically within 48 hr notice
  • Service Contracts consisting of 8am-5pm telephone support
  • Warranty Support

Innovative Programs For Profit Sharing

With over 85 years of combined industry experience, GES Associates, LLC. developed innovative programs for profit sharing which offers a means to recover fair market value for ones underutilized surplus manufacturing and test equipment or surplus parts. GES will market and sell all products according to condition in either "As-Is" or "Guaranteed Functional" status. We establish procedures to conform to the Client/Partners requirements.