About Us

Established in 1999, GES Associates continues to work with many end users and OEM’s to provide a means to recover a fair market value for their underutilized, surplus & manufacturing and test equipment. The equipment offered through these programs range from new, never used or installed equipment, to older equipment ideal for the smaller wafer sizes used in the Optoelectronics industry, to equipment requiring refurbishing or use as spare parts to support other older equipment within the industry. Our eBay store is consistently rated 100% in reviews of our value, service and extensive parts list.

Our Strengths

GES specializes in the sale of semiconductor fabrication plants globally. From our roots in Silicon Valley we have developed deep relationships with the world’s largest producers of wafer fabrication and assembly products.

Our skill sets have grown along with the industry as it has evolved through numerous wafer size increases from 3″ to 12″ and ongoing geographical adjustments. We are in every way a global enterprise.

Our understanding of the complete manufacturing process, from front end to back end, is unmatched in the industry. We offer specialized knowledge in the resale of many asset classes including deposition and sputtering, ion implantation, dry plasma and wet etching, PECVD, diffusion and oxidation, photolithography, metrology, wafer bonding, soldering, weld scanning, optical test, polishing, dicing, wafer probe and test, lab and analytical, assembly and packaging equipment.

GLobal Provider

Few companies have the practical, financial, operational and specific semiconductor asset experience to execute a purchase transaction or service related engagement of significance size. GES has extensive resources and experience in the Asian markets. Our Japanese specific resources and representation are second to none. Our strategic advantages afford us greater opportunity and flexibility to maximize the return on assets and minimize the costs associated with refurbishment, removal and disposition of tools.


Our client base and experience with companies in the semiconductor industry enhance our ability to both value the assets for resale and sell to the end-user client base for the highest recovery. GES has worked with numerous Fortune 1000/Global 4000 companies that have purchased and/or sold surplus or idle semiconductor assets, or are currently restructuring a portion or all of their business. GES and its team of professionals have more than 150 years of combined experience in the asset acquisition and disposition industry with specific emphasis on purchase and service transactions in the semiconductor industry. Over the past decade, our team has sold assets valued at more than $10 billion in hundreds of sales throughout the world.

Our Relationships

GES has extensive relationships with many OEMs and end-users. We are in constant dialogue with our clients to support their production requirements. Working with our extensive network of relationships is paramount in the success of all transactions.

We Work With:

  • Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment
  • Facilities Equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • Real Estate (Land and Buildings)
  • Personal Property
  • Raw Materials

Our Industry Experience

GES has extensive experience in all aspects of the semiconductor equipment business, including:

  • Identifying key assets
  • Assessing the current market and future value of assets including determining offer points and understanding the unique qualities and idiosyncrasies of specialized semiconductor equipment
  • Verifying, underwriting, and completing due diligence under truncated timelines
  • Developing project plans including projected operational costs, budget, manpower, special needs of equipment, environmental issues and timeline of completion
  • Assembling and coordinating ‘sales event’ marketing materials including print advertising, brochures, flyers, email campaigns and web advertising
  • Implementing project plans including overseeing and directing field personnel, overseeing catalog preparation, and all aspects of site and project management
  • Negotiating direct sales with buyers, both original equipment manufacturers and end-users
  • Refurbishing, de-installing and re-installing semiconductor assets to meet OEM specifications
  • Implementing of rental and lease platforms
  • Supervising the safe dismantling and delivery of the assets
  • Settling of transactions including reconciling, billing and collections
  • Purchasing bundled assets in a single transaction, including real estate, inventory, receivables and/or equipment assets
  • Structuring sale/leaseback transactions giving middle-market operating companies financial flexibility